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  • 390 $ Special**
  • in the region around 150$/weekly
  • in offices
  • No
  • 32
  • GV, 01 May, 17:49, Bucuresti
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McDonald's ( website)

A Crew Member, or Restaurant Crew Member, is responsible for assisting a team of restaurant staff in preparing orders and interacting with customers. Their duties include greeting customers and inputting their order requests into a computer system, working as part of an assembly line to cook and package orders and maintaining a clean work space by sanitizing surfaces before, during and after shifts. As the primary contact between the customers and the restaurant, they are expected to deliver top quality customer service and be friendly and engaging when interacting with guests to project a positive image of the company. Specific duties may include but are not limited to any combination of the following: - Greet and interact with Guest in a positive, friendly and professional manner - Ensure customer satisfaction and answer any questions or comments from customers - Resolve customer complaints in a professional and effective manner - Accept payment from customers, and make change as necessary - Request and record customer orders, and compute bills using cash registers, multi-counting machines, or pencil and paper - Serve customers in eating places that specialize in fast service and inexpensive carry-out food - Prepare simple foods and beverages such as sandwiches, salads, and coffee - Prepare and serve cold drinks, or frozen milk drinks or desserts, using drink-dispensing, milkshake, or frozen custard machines - Select food items from serving or storage areas and place them in dishes, on serving trays, or in takeout bags - Serve through drive-through windows or over counters in the restaurant - Notify kitchen personnel of shortages or special orders. - Cook or re-heat food items such as French fries. - Handle raw meats and maintain health and safety standards - Handle chemicals used for cleaning as well as washing dishes using gloves when necessary - Maintain proper grooming and uniform standards - Cleaning in accordance to our company’s sanitary standards including but not limited to: sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning walls, tables, counters, kitchen and service equipment, removing trash, cleaning restrooms and checking the parking lot. - Complete additional duties as assigned by supervisor



Team members help customers find desired goods or services. They answer questions, make purchase recommendations and explain the benefits of the goods or services. Once they have helped customers make a satisfactory selection, they add up the total purchases and complete the transactions.


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Programul Work And Travel îți oferă posibilitatea de a-ți face muți prieteni și amintiri frumoase, de a călători, lucra și experimenta cultura americană.


Dacă răspunzi cu “DA” la următoarele criterii, ești eligibil pentru a te înscrie la Programul Work And Travel:

1) Ești student la zi, la o Universitate?
2) Cunoști Engleza la nivel de comunicare, sau vrei să o înveţi?
3) Ești sănătos? poți călatori cu avionul, ești apt de muncă?


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