For Internship Program we will accept only eligible participants based on their Resume.


To to enroll in the program with us please register on the web site and apply your resume. If you are eligible for the Internship Program we will request you sign the contract with us an to pay the enrollment fee of 59 Usd. After that we will provide you with the consulting guidance needed to be accepted in the program by our Sponsor Partners.


If you will be accepted in the program by our Sponsor Partners this means that you will receive interviews very son based on your specialty. At this step you have to pay the First installment of the program of 500 Usd. This amount is refundable if you don’t get an interview within 6 months. Most of our selected participants get an interview within 2 weeks, they pass the interview and move to the next step. At the interview you will get all information about your Internship Program, also be free to ask all you need to know!


If you got here, you definitely desert Congratulations! This means you got your Internship Program. All arrangements take about 4 week, paper work, visa, departure arrangements, etc. At this step you will be requested to pay the second installment for the Sponsor Partners Services. Some partners offer the participants to pay half of their amount after their fist month of work.


Leaving the Internship Experience in New York


What it was like being a Internship in America.

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