Internship is a cultural exchange program, the best way to gain practical experience. This program gives you the opportunity to work in the field in which you study, graduate or have experience. You will work in a prestigious company in the United States of America where you will develop professionally and financially in the short term.


Please make sure you Registered on our Website and Submitted your Resume, otherwise will be very difficult to answer your questions.


You can leave anytime, and the working period is between 3 to 18 months depending on the offer.

10 – 16 USD PER HOUR

You will work about 40 hours a week for about 12 months.


If you are studding or graduated with a specialty of Hospitality, Tourism, Culinary, It, Marketing, Transportation and Agriculture consider you very lucky! We have many Internship placements for you and you can start your program within 3 months.


1) The internship is related to the field in which you were a student (maximum 12 months after graduation) or you have at least 5 years experience.
2) You need to know English at an advanced level, because you have to communicate permanently with your colleagues.


Depending on the period and domain, the costs of the program are approximately 2000 USD (6 Months, Tourism) up to 3000 USD (12 Months, Tourism).


You will be accommodated in the area where you work. In the beginning you will pay a deposit of about 200 Usd, refundable, and the rent will be about 100 – 150 Usd per week.


1) Send your CV and we will answer you if you are eligible for a chance to receive an offer.
2) If the chances are high then we invite you to join the program. Registration costs 59 Usd.
3) We will work together to create the profile and the CV according to the requirements.
4) Weekly we send your CV to our partners to get a job interview.
5) After you are scheduled for an interview, you have to pay 500 Usd from the cost of the program, and we begin to process the documents.
6) Over about 4 – 8 weeks you will receive the documentaries and pay the difference of the program.


This video will be about the step by step process


If you want to intern internationally hope this video helps


Internshi by Cultural Homestay International

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